Grand Central

Long time between posts... busy season. Sorry for your wait.

Our favorite search engine has expanded the empire once again (old news) with another acquisition. This was reported on the Official Google Blog way back in July, but here it is for your fresh eyes! They've bought GrandCentral, and I can't wait to kick the tires...

If you can get an account (click to "Reserve: Save a Phone Number for me") you will have one phone number that will ring all your other specified phone numbers. You can also have specific incoming callers (based on their phone number) directed to specific phones. For instance, I could have all family members sent to my super-secret private phone, my lawyer sent to my satellite phone in the Andes, clients to my cellular in my hip, and if the POTUS calls, ring all phones at once. Furthermore, I can switch from my cellular to my land lines mid-call (and vice verse), and even listen in as people leave voice mail, making a decision to pick them up or leave them in my voicemail.

I just can't say enough about the possibilities of this service... and I'm DYING to get an account to try it out and share more info!

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