InGrid Digital Home Protection™ System

Flipping through Engadget today, found the InGrid Digital Home Protection™ System.

What sets this apart from other home security systems is that it monitors your home through your broadband connection, with the "Protection heartbeat" which communicates to InGrid's servers several times per minute to monitor your sensors, controllers and communication pathways (as described on BusinessWire).

Hate the idea of dropping your broadband connection in a freak construction accident? Bah! You'll be fine: they connect to your phoneline, as well. Future versions will also include wireless, but you can already message your cell phone for alerts.

Your personal security website allows you to configure your system, including setting up non-emergency sensors (think the cookie jar, the bar downstairs, or your gun cabinet) to let you know when someone's getting into your stuff but you DON'T need help from the police.

"Basic" system is $200 (covers about 1500 sq ft), "Home" is $300 (2500 sq ft). Both prices are with 1-year contracts (no-contract and 3-year options are avilable), monitoring is $30 per month. Additional sensors available (motion, door/window/glassbreak, smoke). A handy form on the site helps you build your system.

Word on the street has it that they are currently working on a video accessory, as well.