Mollers Flying Car?!?

Since 1984, Moller International has been working on the Sky Car concept. Test flights of various prototypes have been performed since 1989. Dozens of TV and magazine articles since 1998 have profiled the company and the dream. Now, the company is launching its first product!

It's NOT the full-flight Sky Car M400 that's available, though. It's the 10ft hovering M200G.

It can carry up to 250lbs at 50MPH. FLight times are expected to be about 45-90 minutes, depending upon speed (I expect the 250 pounder going 50MPH won't have to be in the air more than 45 or so. Taking orders now, but not a fixed price to be found, only that "Depending upon engine production volume the M200G price could start as low as $90,000".

Have fun, kiddos!

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