Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System

This is NOT for your more urban home. Your neighborhood association won't like it at all, but on the farm, or more rural properties, this would be a nice little fella to have around.

Currently, installations are going up in parts of western Europe... can't wait to bring these home.

Most home-scale wind generators are bigger, uglier, noisier, and suffer in the turbulent wind found at these lower altitudes. This little guy is a little bigger than a satellite dish, and cranks out some serious power for it's size. Each is rated to generate about 1.5Kw at 12 meters per second (almost 27mph). Three or four should power your home with the proper energy storage, but you'll need them a little higher than roof-top to get to those wind speeds around here. Probably 50-90ft pole would do.

These are made by Renewable Devices in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Buy it or build it, this is one fun technology to watch. With all the recent growth in "Green Tech", this might be a company to watch, as well.

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