My Good Old HP TouchSmart

I finally bit the bullet and bought a new PC. It replaces the one bought just before the birth of my nine-year-old daughter. That's how long we keep 'em running around here. As a Web Application Developer I don't have to render intense 3d scenes or compile millions of lines of code, and in many cases a text editor is all I need to get the job done.

I'm normally hesitant to trust an all-in-one, as it becomes a rather expensive brick if any single system breaks down for any reason, but I'm giving it a shot. My only complaint is that I can't have multiple monitors. For many that's a deal-breaker, and yes it does hurt a bit, but I'm a survivor. I'm going to get through this, and in eight or nine years I'll make the change to a more robust, multiple-monitor-supporting system that will make your head spin.

Have a most delightful day!


Testing Plus Embed


M Reads Books!

One of my lovely daughters has started blogging (through my beautiful bride) her book reviews! M is an avid reader and wants to share her opinions on what she reads with you at M Reads Books.



Audeo: Voice Free Cellphones?!?

Sorry to leave you hanging for so long. Life, work... more life, more work. You know the drill.

I just read a post on OhGizmo! about Audeo. It's a voice-free cellphone technology currently being developed by Ambient. I'll say very little about this, but just skip right to the video... more compelling than it's cellphone application are uses for ALS victims, empowering them to speak more easily, and the last 40 seconds of the video (beginning at 2:40 or so), which you'll just have to see.




I know you were all geared up for another phone-related post this morning, but NO! There's a whole other world of stuff to look at! Stuff that doesn't necessarily let you call people in many splendid ways!

Enter: ChiliPad. This is not your daddy's electric blanket!

ChiliPad Matress Pad

I found this mentioned on both OhGizmo! and SlashGear. ChiliPad heats or cools water and pumps it around your mattress. This allows you to alter the temperature of your bed to between 68-118°F, in 1°F increments. With this, you can sleep comfortably and ease the strain on your HVAC at the same time, saving you money. Well, saving money after a long break-even period... it retails between $479 and $999, based on size and single/dual-zone.

Sleep well.


Grand Central

Long time between posts... busy season. Sorry for your wait.

Our favorite search engine has expanded the empire once again (old news) with another acquisition. This was reported on the Official Google Blog way back in July, but here it is for your fresh eyes! They've bought GrandCentral, and I can't wait to kick the tires...

If you can get an account (click to "Reserve: Save a Phone Number for me") you will have one phone number that will ring all your other specified phone numbers. You can also have specific incoming callers (based on their phone number) directed to specific phones. For instance, I could have all family members sent to my super-secret private phone, my lawyer sent to my satellite phone in the Andes, clients to my cellular in my hip, and if the POTUS calls, ring all phones at once. Furthermore, I can switch from my cellular to my land lines mid-call (and vice verse), and even listen in as people leave voice mail, making a decision to pick them up or leave them in my voicemail.

I just can't say enough about the possibilities of this service... and I'm DYING to get an account to try it out and share more info!


InGrid Digital Home Protection™ System

Flipping through Engadget today, found the InGrid Digital Home Protection™ System.

What sets this apart from other home security systems is that it monitors your home through your broadband connection, with the "Protection heartbeat" which communicates to InGrid's servers several times per minute to monitor your sensors, controllers and communication pathways (as described on BusinessWire).

Hate the idea of dropping your broadband connection in a freak construction accident? Bah! You'll be fine: they connect to your phoneline, as well. Future versions will also include wireless, but you can already message your cell phone for alerts.

Your personal security website allows you to configure your system, including setting up non-emergency sensors (think the cookie jar, the bar downstairs, or your gun cabinet) to let you know when someone's getting into your stuff but you DON'T need help from the police.

"Basic" system is $200 (covers about 1500 sq ft), "Home" is $300 (2500 sq ft). Both prices are with 1-year contracts (no-contract and 3-year options are avilable), monitoring is $30 per month. Additional sensors available (motion, door/window/glassbreak, smoke). A handy form on the site helps you build your system.

Word on the street has it that they are currently working on a video accessory, as well.



As mentioned on Gizmodo, Ooma is a VoIP/Landline phone that provides free calls for life (in the US)... say wha...!?!

OomaIt also provides a "virtual second line" and 911 service (through your landline). At $400, it isn't cheap up front, but me thinks it pays for itself in the long run!

WSJ also had a piece on this.



Wow! Note the rarity of posts in this blog. Add the fact that I actually lay eyes on nearly 400 blog posts, news articles and press releases (average) per DAY to find items worthy of mention, and you'll have an understanding of my frustration in keeping this interesting. My record is 2838 blog posts viewed in one day (I skipped the previous few days for vacation).

I'm considering expanding the content area to all things tech that interest me... getting out of the house, you might say.

Still, I refuse to post about the iPhone, iPod, iAnything that I see on more than 10 other blogs. The Google Phone is special to me, so I promise I'll let you know as I hear anything about it.

I'll give content areas some thought and get back to you...